Hello Curlies!

Are you ready to make this summer your best hair season yet? We've got you covered! Dive into our ultimate guide to summer curly hair care and unlock a world of beautiful, frizz-free curls. 

1. Deep Condition Regularly 

During the summer, adopting a regular deep conditioning routine will save you from potential hair woes. We recommend treating your tresses at least once a week, but feel free to indulge more frequently if that suits your hair's needs.

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2. Don't Skip Gel

If your wash-and-go routine isn't delivering the same results as before, blame it on the summer humidity. Fear not, as we have the solution to keep your curls intact and frizz-free throughout the day.

We recommend: Jessicurl Spiralicious Styling Gel


3. Keep Up With Trims

Routine trimming is the secret to maintaining longer, stronger, and healthier-looking hair. By keeping your ends tidy every 6-8 weeks, you'll bid farewell to pesky knots, tangles, and split ends.

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4. Protect Before You Swim

Before taking a refreshing dip in the pool or enjoying the beach, make sure to grab a hair SPF to shield your strands from potential damage. Apply a thin layer of conditioner or a few drops of oil to protect your hair from the extreme dryness caused by chlorine and saltwater.

We recommend: Inahsi Hair and Scalp Elixir


5. Clarify When Needed

Product residue or silicone build-up can hinder your curls' natural beauty and prevent them from looking their best. Clarifying will help deep clean and detox the hair and scalp.

We recommend: Bounce Curl Clarifying Shampoo


6. Opt for Protective Styles

This summer, indulge in top knots, Dutch braids, or bantu knots—excellent options for keeping your hair up and your ends tucked away. Embrace the versatility and beauty of protective styles while nurturing your precious curls.



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