When you think about curly hair, what do you think of? What words come to mind? Many women and men think of frizzy, unmanageable and too much work. That’s a common experience, especially if you don’t want to drop an unreasonable amount of money on finding the right hair care products for your own head. 

But what are the right products? How do you even find that out?

It all depends on your hair texture and curl type. What works for loose curls doesn’t work for tight coils and vice versa. And while there are plenty of ways for people to define their curl patterns, we use NaturallyCurly’s hair typing system. This way we can design our products for every type of curl out there, not just curly hair in general.

To identify your curl type, you have to ask yourself a few questions. How thick is your hair and how tight your curls are. There are some nuances between each pattern that you can explore more by clicking the icons above. But for now, here’s a quick rundown of each type.

Type 2 hair is your waves. Some might only have a slight zig zag in their strands while others may have large and loose curls. 

Type 3 are more defined curls. They’re still fairly loose, but they can still cause problems if you aren’t careful. There’s also subtype 3C which is a curl type that falls between types 3 and 4. You can check all about it here!

Type 4 is the tightest curls of all! They are small corkscrews that add up to a lot of hair quickly!