The Birth of Curlsfusion

In 2019, our journey began by experimenting and buying ONLY CG approved products. and are both useful websites that we use throughout our journey to check and also discover CG Approved hair products. YES - we had to learn to let go of old products and routines, which was really daunting at first, but we here we are months later with not a single regret. 

Like many, we found it very difficult to find CG approved products in the UAE and also found that there were limited number of choices available.

A few months down the line, it sparked the interest to start up Curlsfusion to bring the curly community here in the UAE some of the best renowned curly hair brands from the UK and USA. We want to ensure that all the products we provide at Curls Fusion are CG approved, and some of which we have tried and tested personally.

Thank you for joining our Curlsfusion community & we hope the Curly Girl Method helps your journey too!