The best curl experience in Dubai!

I have been on the CGM journey for the last 18 months and I honestly wanted to give up. The products I had previously purchased were not working for my hair at all. The knowledge that Fatma was able to provide was second to none. The session was tailored for my hair and I highly recommend booking a styling session with her. You will not be disappointed

Obsessed! Highly recommended 🙌🏽

Trusting my instincts and sure it doesn't disappoint me! Just a little trimmed, and I called it Fatma's magic touch- WOW! I'm beyond words! My curls look so healthy and bouncy, and I feel like a new person! Thank you for making me feel beautiful, and it certainly has made my day! Fatma, you're amazing! My curlies(men and women), I highly recommend Curlsfusion 😍🙌🏽

Life changing experience

I arranged a 1:1 session for my 10 year daughter so she can learn how to managed her long frizzy curls. Fatma explain everything in such detail and we left transformed and with new skills! My daughter has since been taking the time to practise the skills that Fatma gave her. Her curls are much tighter and not frizzy and the products suggestion is perfect. A must for anyone with curly hair!